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Free Collaboration Workshops for Infrastructure Orgs

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Submitted by gazz on Mon, 07/23/2012 - 11:53

Infrastructure organisations handle and disseminate a lot of information and work with a lot of groups. This can lead to stress for staff, problems with information overload and with communications across the sector. Increasingly, VCOs and non-profits need to work together, explore new models for services and get costs down. At the same time, demand for services is skyrocketing. How can we square this circle? Over the next year, Fossbox will be offering free workshops and ongoing advice and support to infrastructure organisations who want to explore how online collaboration tools could reduce stress, open communications, and free staff time for more pressing activities. This is a participative process - it's about listening to people's experiences and ideas and working out ways to work-smarter and enjoy using ICT tools. There's no new equipment needed, little or no expenditure and no pressure. Email Paula or call 020 7481 8479 for more details.