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About us

Fossbox works participatively with organisations to design community projects and services, promote and support collaborative organisation, draw out the real value of your work and communicate it effectively to others. We use open technologies to build sustainable support for people-centred services.


Fossbox was formed in 2007 to take forward community open design research begun with Technology & Social Action to explore a more collaborative, open and sustainable approach to community technology design.

Over the years since our initial research, the non-profit sector has radically transformed and, with it, the focus of our design work. We began by looking at interactive systems using open technologies to enhance organisational capacity and sector networks. Our current focus is on using open design to develop innovative services which are genuinely collaborative and empowering. We continue to use open and collaborative technologies which can help sustain and scale successful delivery and to be active in community design research. We have partnered in three Research Council UK funded community co-design research collaborations to date.

Fossbox was formally incorporated as a non-profit CIC limited by guarantee and asset-locked in 2009. Kate and Lisa joined in 2011. Our Executive Committee is composed of a mix of local people from the non-profit sector and specialists in related fields. The group meets quarterly to steer Fossbox's overall development and to govern grant-funded projects.


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