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Blackwood interactive map application

Blackwood is driven by innovation and strives to be a catalyst for  innovation and design in the independent living sector. Blackwood was concerned with issues such as time wasted by care staff in travelling between clients and challenges in collating and disseminating local information about relevant services and faclities.

Blackwood consulted Fossbox about developing a mapping project which would allow greater rationalisation of existing services and a simple, interactive, approach to keeping information updated whilst freely and simply searchable by the public - who can also add their own local knowledges to the map.

We worked with Blackwoods to develop an interactive web-based app to explore their housing services and provide a visual way for users to find related services available in nearby locations. 

Users can view the full list of locations, view services in relation to their own location and can also hide and show locations based on a list of categories. The information is provided from existing JSON data and administrators can log in to add new users, edit user accounts and add and edit locations to the map view via the admin UI. 

A key aim was to provide a way for the data to be managed via a clean, user-friendly administrative interface to allow locations to be added and updated as required. 

It was equally important for users to be able to view, search and filter locations visually on a map interface. 

Users can filter the map to show different types of organisations and each organisation type is visual distinct using different map markers.

Different roles mean that some users are able to contribute locations while others can be assigned full admin access to manage user accounts as well as location information. 

As well as location information, regional boundary layers and different map views can be switched on or off. 

The web app was developed using Meteor.js and is a responsive web app that works well on all devices .