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Hublink is a participatively designed and custom built networked database supporting a consortium of local Information, Advice and Advocacy organisations to deliver local services collaboratively. The consortium is lead by Real, a non-profit run by disabled people, for disabled people, working together to give disabled people the same choices and opportunities as everyone else.

There are many case management systems out there but we were looking at a new situation. We needed something not only designed specifically for the needs of the UK non-profit sector but also capable of bringing together the work of 9 separate agencies without allowing users’ personal information to be revealed outside the particular organisation they were working with. In order to get it right, we designed the system participatively, first with staff at Real and then involving all 9 organisations working with Bournemouth University and the Tower Hamlets Councils for Voluntary Service. Hublink was then built on the Drupal content management framework -- this means that our developers could save time and money by building a custom collaborative case-management, designed from the ground up, onto the pre-existing Drupal framework. 

Hublink project photo