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fbx values

The non-profit sector is changing fast and organisations are struggling to adapt to staff cuts, revenue loss and new ways of funding projects and services. Non-profits need to develop new relationships with donors, funders and other potential partners. Innovation is key to developing new services and to make sure a much leaner organisation can still deliver them.

We believe that a primary focus of non-profits is positive social change. Delivering targets is important but working with communities to create real change in people’s lives and in wider society is still what it's all about. Fossbox uses holistic, values-based design processes which involve everyone in working out together how the organisation and the community can innovate to thrive in this more challenging environment.

We do this not only because openness and collaboration are important shared value for us personally and as an organisation but also because we have learned a great deal both from research insights and our own experience of working with organisations about how to make collaborative ideals work in practice. Collaboratively produced services build a firm foundation from which to communicate your own shared values and goals and to appeal to donors, funders and the general public to share them.

These values inform everything we do from how we work together as Fossbox to how we work with our clients and partners. They inform not only our consultancy and research practice but also our approach to technology. We use open technologies, open innovation and open design methods to implement services which make these value-driven practices work in the real world. Technology should always work around people and not the other way around! We have a strong focus in our work on making sure technology respects privacy and self-determination in work and in society as a whole.