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Web development

Fossbox uses open source frameworks to develop custom solutions rapidly and relatively inexpensively. We can integrate web and mobile applications beautifully and seamlessly to help you innovate in how you:

  • develop and deliver your front-line services

  • work together within your organisation, with partners/consortia and with volunteers

  • manage membership, fundraise and reach out to donors

  • map, manage and share resources

All of Fossbox’s custom solutions use standard frameworks to ensure that you don’t get ‘stuck’ with systems which don’t work with anything else or no-one else knows how to maintain.

Ask us about websites and web software, interactive web services, membership management systems, mobile apps, mapping apps, community information services, digital collaboration systems, project management. We are specialists in Drupal, CiviCRM, Wordpress and other open source frameworks.

Training: If we build web software for you, we also offer relevant training packages to make sure it’s taken up and used properly.

Maintenance: we know you struggle to pay steep maintenance fees and many of you decide to go it alone -- so we also offer a low-cost help service where you can search for the answer to your maintenance questions and post a ticket if you can’t find an existing answer.