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About Paula

Paula Graham-Gazzard is a design consultant. She has worked for commercial media and marketing consultancies including Pathe-UK, Orange/Film4 and Freedman International as well as the WCIT before founding Fossbox in 2007 and co-founding in 2010 in collaboration with BCS, TNMOC and QMUL around a theme of technology by and for women. Paula was appointed Creative Entrepreneur in Residence at QMUL in 2013 and mentors social innovators with Bethnal Green Ventures. She was Hon Fellow in Diversity and Innovation at Kingston FADA in 2014. Paula has also partnered in 4 research collaborations funded by RCUK and EU. 

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About Lisa

Lisa Haskel is a developer, researcher and teacher interested in collaborative practice, open source software and empowerment around technological tools. She is currently undertaking an Engineering Doctorate at Bournemouth University and collaborates with Fossbox as part of her research.

About Kate

Kate Lomax is a technologist and librarian with a particular interest in online learning and open technologies. From 2009 until 2013, Kate was the Project Manager for the NHS eLearning repository and has over seven years experience in web development, design, and digital content platforms. With Artefacto, Kate has been working on a Digital Bookshelf project, Newslet for Libraries and the Open Book Quest for Flossie 2012. Kate also organises the women and open tech Meetups.

Fossbox Executive Committee

Les Hutchins (Chair) studied electronic music at Mills College in Oakland, California with Maggi Payne. In 2005, he graduated with an MA from Wesleyan University, where he studied with Ron Kuivila and Anthony Braxton. He recently completed a PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has played at venues and festivals around North America and Europe. His music has been played on European and American radio. Hi is co-founder of the Network Music Festival.

Sulaiman Baul (Finance) is a Professional Accountant with an Accountancy Practice, Donaldson & Partners; he also runs his own practice Solomon & Co Accountancy. He has worked with Various Charities, such as Carrib Youth & Community Association, Mcsas Heart of Love, Swizzy Company in Community, Dairatu Amni Islamic Welfare (cic), and many other during which has he provided them with Accountancy, Auditing, Fund Raising, Taxation and Business consultancy services. Sulaiman is also the Financial Secretary/Treasurer of the Southwark, Lewisham & Lambeth Disabled Foundation UK Limited and a Director at Southwark Sierra Leone Multicultural Organisation Limited and a member of Migrant Voice. Sulaiman is also a web designer.

Rumana Afaz (Gender & Tech)

Netha Hussain (Gender & Tech)

Carlos Ronceros (Open Source Tech) - Carlos has always been interested in Computer Systems, Information and Communication Technologies and, for most of his career, in GNU/Linux and Open Source Software. His areas of interest are Project Management, Deployment and Systems Management, Computer Networks, Directory Services and Authentication, Virtualization, Clustering and Storage Management, Server Hardening and Performance Tuning...

and Advisors Stephen Maddison (research) and Paul Webster (non-profit sector)