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Some of our recent work

This is a summary of some recent projects Fossbox has completed. Click on the title for more details about the project.

Blackwood interactive map application

Blackwood consulted Fossbox about developing a mapping project which would allow greater rationalisation of existing services and a simple, interactive, approach to keeping information updated whilst freely and simply searchable by the public - who can also add their own local knowledges to the map.

Scaling Up

'Scaling up co-design research and practice' is a research project that aims to unleash and build upon the intrinsic capacities of communities, community organizations and academic institutions in order to scale up their co-design practices and ultimately extend their reach and impact. 

Scaling up Co-design - project booklet cover image


OSMSmart aims to revolutionise crowdsourced mapping of accessible wheelchair routes. 

OSM Smart website screenshot


Hublink is a participatively designed and custom built networked database supporting a consortium of local Information, Advice and Advocacy organisations to deliver local services collaboratively. The consortium is lead by Real, a non-profit run by disabled people, for disabled people, working together to give disabled people the same choices and opportunities as everyone else.

Hublink project photo